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A Map of the World: GIS Certificate Offers Cutting-Edge Skills

January 01, 2014
Geographic Information Systems have transformed the way we look at data and solve complex problems. Now, a new geography graduate certificate prepares students for the growing GIS job market.

Do the Math: A Hot Subject Adds Majors

January 01, 2014
Around the country, math major numbers are plummeting. But GW is bucking the national trend. With an almost 10-fold explosion in math majors over the last decade and a new NSF-funded initiative, Columbian College's Math Department is plugging the leaky STEM pipeline.
Koobi Fora Dig

Into Africa

January 01, 2014
So you want to be an archaeologist? At the Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya, Columbian College students get their hands dirty. They battle soaring heat and snapping scorpions as they dig through a fossil field of dreams.
Faye Moskowitz

'Teaching Star' Brings Jewish Lit to Life

January 01, 2014
Time dubbed Faye Moskowitz a "teaching star" and her Jewish Literature Live as among "the hottest seats in class." With a cast of visiting writers that includes E.L. Doctorow, Erica Jong, and Pulitzer winners Tony Kushner and Michael Chabon, it’s easy to understand why.