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Columbian College encourages international and cross-cultural perspectives among our extensive community of distinguished scholars and diverse undergraduate and graduate students. A broad liberal arts education guides our students to use their knowledge to examine the critical issues that impact our region, nation and the world beyond. In addition, we are engaged in collaborative international research partnerships that are advancing a wide range of artistic, social and scientific imperatives.

Global Engagement Highlights

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Planning GW-Related or Supported Travel

October 9, 2023

Due to the current conflict affecting Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, GW affiliated or supported travel to these areas will require a High Risk Travel Proposal. This applies to Undergraduate, Graduate, Faculty and Staff travelers.

Summer 2024 Short-Term Abroad Programs

Summer 2024 Short-Term Abroad Programs (STAP) are open for student application and present a fantastic way to enhance the academic experience for both students and faculty.


Faculty-led Short Term Abroad Programs (STAP)

Greece STAP in 2022

Faculty-led Short-Term Abroad Programs enable faculty and students to take the academic experience beyond classrooms and borders for a richer learning experience. From taking students to visit WWII memorial sites in France to organizing culturally sensitive speech therapist clinical training for students in Mexico, faculty across all disciplines can incorporate a study abroad component into their courses.

The Office of Global Initiatives provides administrative support and guidance to faculty and limited scholarships to students. Interested parties should be directed to [email protected].

International Visiting Scholars Program



Support and Resources

The Columbian College of Arts & Sciences Global Initiatives Office's mission is to advance the College's international priorities through world-class education, education diplomacy and engagement with the world.

Office of Global Initiatives

The CCAS Office of Global Initiative's mission is to advance the College's international priorities through world-class education, education diplomacy and engagement with the world. We assist our students and faculty in their global engagement.

Office for Study Abroad

The Office for Study Abroad (OSA) provides and facilitates quality international educational opportunities at the George Washington University and promote students' academic, personal, professional and intercultural development before, during and after their study abroad experiences.

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs plays a pivotal role in the university’s efforts to engage the world by providing guidance and resources that help identify GW's international priorities and expand educational opportunities abroad in all disciplines.

International Services Office

The International Services Office is the first stop for the GW international community and will help eliminate administrative challenges when studying in the US. ISO Advisors host a variety of special events that highlight our diverse international student population.

Student Scholarships and Opportunities

GW offers a wide range of scholarships and opportunities for students interested in international travel, research and more such as the Chung-wen Shih Scholarship and Short-Term Abroad Programs.

GPAC: Global or Cross-Cultural Perspectives

CCAS offers a wide range of General Education Curriculum (GPAC) Tier Two: Global or Cross-Cultural Perspectives courses that analyze the ways in which institutions, practices and problems transcend national and regional boundaries. 

Featured Programs

Beyond our regular programming, CCAS is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for faculty and students to encourage international innovative research.

Global Bachelor's Program

The GW Global Bachelor's Program provides students the competencies and confidence to work and learn anywhere in the world by challenging them to pursue their educational goals in multiple international settings.

Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya

The Koobi Fora Field School is designed to introduce students to the science of paleoanthropology, the sub-discipline of anthropology focused on the study of human origins.


Sarah Cassius


"I spent this summer in Medellin, interning for the [Colombian] Department of the Environment and Urban Planning. The municipality had just made the switch to LED lights for all of their public lighting, so one of my projects was to quantify the benefits of that change and present the economic, environmental and public health benefits to the mayor."

Sarah Cassius
BA '19, Geography

Contact Information


CCAS Office of Global Initiatives

801 22nd St. NW
Phillips Hall, Suite 212
Washington, DC 20052

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Frances Taoran Sun

Executive Director, Office of Global Initiatives

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Shule Chen

Program Associate, Office of Global Initiatives