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GW Collaborates with Smithsonian to Launch Five Joint Research Initiatives

January 01, 2012
The George Washington University President Steven Knapp and Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough each pledged $100,000 to support new collaborative research projects resulting in the GW–Smithsonian Opportunity Fund. Five projects have now been selected to receive approximately $40,000 each in joint funding. The new initiatives will be led by a team of investigators from both institutions.
Art Therapy

Creativity, Passion, Healing: Meet Art Therapy Director Heidi Bardot

January 01, 2012
Heidi Bardot’s passion for art and its healing ability has taken her around the world as director of Columbian College’s Art Therapy Graduate Program. Having been born and lived in Lebanon for 18 years, her cultural sensitivity on issues involving resiliency, post-traumatic stress, grief, self-care, and battlefield exposure has helped bring new awareness to her students, many of whom have traveled with Bardot to places like India and South Africa to work collaboratively with peer groups in the field of art therapy.

Examining Impact of Maternal Stress in Wild Chimps

January 01, 2012
With a $745,000 research grant from the National Institutes of Health, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Carson Murray seeks to fill a void in research on environmental diversity as it relates to maternal stress through an extensive investigation of the interplay between maternal behavior and stress physiology in wild chimpanzees. This critical new research may lead to insights on anxiety-related disease in humans.