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A Senior Moment: Graduates Reflect on Their Time at GW

May 01, 2012
With the Columbian College Celebration and GW Commencement around the corner, emotions are running high this time of year as seniors say goodbye to friends and faculty and look ahead with excitement—and a bit of trepidation. We asked members of the Columbian College Class of 2012 to reflect on their favorite moments, professors, and experiences during their four years in Foggy Bottom.
Jiangsu Cup

Changing Course: Unknown Opportunities Abound for Senior Tim Quinn

May 01, 2012
First-year students often enter GW imagining the four years ahead of them will take a certain shape and follow a particular path. But sometimes a surreptitious encounter with a professor, friend, or experience can inspire students to leave behind their preconceptions in favor of paths they never imagined. Just ask senior Tim Quinn.

Chiswick on the Economy and Rise in Student Economics Majors

May 01, 2012
We sat down with Department of Economics chair Barry Chiswick, a winner of the prestigious IZA Prize in Labor Economics and former senior staff economist on the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, to discuss the economy, global migration, and the rise in economics majors.

Solar Symposium to Feature Student Analysis of China's Solar Policy

April 01, 2012
The GW Solar Institute is hosting the 4th annual Solar Symposium to discuss ways solar energy can be harnessed to meet global environmental needs.
Big Bang Theory

Columbian College: Home of the Hot Big Bang Theory

April 01, 2012
Most defenses of physics dissertations attract less than a dozen in the audience. That was not the case 64 years ago this month when Ralph Alpher's defense attracted three hundred, including representatives of the press and members of the faculty in full academic regalia. Word had spread that a new theory of the origin of the Universe would be described.

Sleuthing with Science: CSI Summer Institute

April 01, 2012
Police, science teachers, photographers, forensic science enthusiasts, and CSI “wannabes” take note: registration is now open for a summer institute that places participants on a path to becoming a certified CSI sleuth. The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Summer Institute is a nine-credit program that immerses students in photographic documentation, fingerprint processing, body fluid collection, analysis of blood splatter patterns, preservation and packaging physical evidence, and participation in a mock murder investigation.
Clinton Global Initiative

"Action" Projects Featured at the Clinton Global Initiative University

April 01, 2012
Columbian College students joined the ranks of Bill Clinton, Usher, Madeleine Albright, Jon Stewart, and some of the world’s foremost social entrepreneurs to present their innovative ideas at the Clinton Global Initiative University hosted by GW in March. Ranging from education in Africa to feeding the homeless here in D.C., these projects highlight some of Columbian’s brightest and most highly-motivated students in their “Commitment to Action” to help make a difference.
Serenity Sentinel in Southeast DC

Serenity Sentinel in Southeast DC

April 01, 2012
In Washington, D.C., the phrase “East of the River” is a common reference to Anacostia, a historic neighborhood that has been associated with low-income housing, poverty, and the highest homicide rates in the city. But in recent years the community has seen a resurgence of businesses, restaurants, and—thanks to the efforts of alumna Sariane Leigh, MA ’09—health and wellness initiatives.
Dr. Sides

Polling Dr. Sides: State of the 2012 Presidential Election

March 01, 2012
As the public wades through the Republican presidential primaries and non-stop news coverage of the nomination contest continues, we asked Associate Professor of Political Science John Sides to provide his assessment of how the 2012 election is shaping up.

Undergraduate Research Fellow Informs Theory Behind Stuttering

March 01, 2012
To better understand the impact of anticipatory anxiety on stuttering, senior speech, language and hearing sciences major Olivia Cali conducted a controlled experiment among a group of adult stutters. Cali is one of 15 Luther Undergraduate Research Fellows selected by Columbian College this year to engage in independent, faculty-mentored research projects.

Alumni Award-Winner Credits GW for Career Success

March 01, 2012
The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration has awarded Frank P. DiGiammarino, III, MPA ’95, the Distinguished Alumni Award for achievements in the areas of public policy and public administration, and leadership in serving the public interest and enhancing the quality of democratic governance.

GW Launches Summer Arts Initiative

March 01, 2012
The George Washington University is placing renewed focus on the arts through a host of courses, special institutes, exhibitions, and events that take advantage of the university’s collaborative partnerships with the area’s museums, galleries, archives, and performing arts venues.
Forensic Psychology

Understanding Criminal Minds: New Graduate Program in Forensic Psychology

February 01, 2012
The Columbian College has launched a new graduate degree program in forensic psychology to train the next generation of criminal profilers, competency experts, psychological evaluators, counselors, and related positions.

The Habits of Honey Bees

February 01, 2012
Have you ever hosted a backyard cookout and wondered why all the bees in the neighborhood suddenly found your fruit salad? Ever pondered how a hive produces that delicious honey you add to your tea? The answer lies in the fascinating habits of honey bees. Professor of Biology Hartmut Doebel and Senior Biology Major Heidi Wolff are taking a hard look into colony life at the urban apiaries on the rooftops of Bell and Lisner Halls to learn more about the habits and communication patterns of these insects that are so critical to our daily lives.
Study Abroad

Summer Abroad: A Global Learning Experience

February 01, 2012
Ready to open your mind to new cultures and learning environments? Here’s your chance to immerse yourself in the indigenous communities of the Amazon region; explore the ethnic frontiers of China’s interior regions; dive into a deep analysis of London’s masterpieces; or take a field course on urban sustainability and development in Panama. Registration is now open in these and other short-term, for credit, summer abroad programs that promise to transport participants from the lecture hall and into the global classroom!