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Professors Gate in the sun

Welcome, New Faculty!

September 14, 2016
A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, a Fulbright Fellow and a bestselling novelist are among the 23 new faculty members welcomed to Columbian College this year.
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology Ioannis Eleftherianos works with senior chemistry major Nate Bachtel to study the Zika

In Hunt for Zika Vaccine, Tiny Fruit Fly may be Missing Link

September 14, 2016
In an SEH biology laboratory, Ioannis Eleftherianos and a team of student researchers are putting the common fruit fly under the microscope in a global race against time to find a Zika virus vaccine.
Fearless Flying!

Alumna Soars With ‘Fearless Flying’ Mixed-Media Exhibit

August 29, 2016
For years after her flight was detoured on 9/11, Marian Osher, MFA ’72, was terrified to step on a plane. But the mixed-media artist crafted abstract paintings and wall hangings to help her overcome her fear of flying. Her exhibition Fearless Flying in 2016! is on display at the Virginia Science and Technology Campus.
Stack of books

Good Reads: A Sampling of New Books by Columbian College Faculty

August 10, 2016
From an insider look at Communist China to an exploration of Islamic beliefs, this library of faculty books is stacked with thought-provoking titles.
Students and alumni meet at GW Career Center networking events such as the New York City Career Quest Spring 2016 Alumni Breakfa

Making Career Connections

August 10, 2016

From White House internships to dream jobs in the private sector, Columbian College students and recent graduates are taking advantage of their GW connections to advance their career aspirations.

Illustration of two people sitting at a table for an interview

In-Person Interviews Yield Best Outcomes

August 10, 2016
A new Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication study revealed that both employers and job candidates favor face-to-face interviews over phone calls, videos or Skype.
Sara Pool and Jane Lambert

Making Dreams Come True: Donors and Recipients Stories

August 08, 2016
Sara Pool’s, MA ’16, dream of studying to be a speech pathologist were nearly derailed by financial woes. Then she met Janet Lambert, who, with her late husband Eugene Lambert, BA ’57, funded a stipend for graduate students in danger of dropping out. The pair and other scholarship recipients tell their inspiring stories.
CD8 ‘Killer’ T-Cells defending the body against a cancer cell.

New Research Targets Immune System Vulnerabilities

July 13, 2016
T-cells are the body’s soldiers in the war against disease. A discovery by Physics’ Weiqun Peng may strengthen our immune systems’ army and help fight off the most virulent toxic invaders.
Elizabeth Vaquera and Louis Caldera

GW’s Cisneros Institute Appoints New Leadership

July 13, 2016
The GW Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute announced two new appointees. Elizabeth Vaquera was named the institute’s director and Louis Caldera will serve as the institute’s senior fellow.
Dane Kennedy

The Scars of Empires Past

July 13, 2016
In his new book, Dane Kennedy explains how ‘decolonization,’ the violent and tumultuous collapse of European empires, left behind conflicts that we still haven’t resolved today—from turmoil in the Middle East to Britain’s Brexit.
scanned fingerprint

Fingerprint Analysis: Fact v. Fiction

June 08, 2016
Are no two sets of fingerprints exactly the same? Can fingerprints be erased? In Forensic Sciences’ classrooms, students uncover the myths of fingerprints—and prepare for a high-demand job market.
University of Macau students with professor

International Teaching Exchange Bridges Borders

June 08, 2016
From Portuguese slang in D.C. to Emily Dickinson in Asia, a teacher exchange between GW and the University of Macau is the latest step in a global partnership.
Graduates pose during a Columbian College Celebration Ceremony

#CCASOnward: Class of 2016 Celebrates ‘Onward’ Journey

June 08, 2016
The Class of 2016 received a celebratory sendoff as CCAS Dean Ben Vinson urged graduates to continue pressing “onward,” embracing both the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.
Lincoln Mondy

'Black Lives/Black Lungs' Matter

May 10, 2016
When political science major Lincoln Mondy learned of the tobacco industry’s decades-old strategy to target African American communities, he took action—and took up a camera.
Michael Mann

Humans Ignite Wildfire Forecasts

May 10, 2016
A new study by Geography’s Michael Mann found that human activity is as big a factor in driving deadly wildfires as climate change. His findings could predict where and when the next blaze will strike.