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About Columbian College



GW CCAS students inside SEH


The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences is GW’s intellectual and creative backbone—a place where research thrives, critical thinking is encouraged, collaboration is constant and real-world training goes hand-in-hand with learning.

As pioneers of the Engaged Liberal Arts, we equip students with the skills and competencies needed to be effective, responsible 21st-century citizens.


The Engaged Liberal Arts in Action

Doctoral Thesis in Three Minutes

Columbian College PhD students stepped up to a speed-challenge in the college’s second Three Minute Thesis Competition. Human Paleobiology's Kimberly Foecke won first prize.

Physics, Professionally Speaking

Alexander van der Horst’s redesigned capstone course equips physics students with the oral, written and ethical expertise needed to succeed in 21st-century careers.

Mission: Rescue the Bay

Biology’s Keryn Gedan leads her student researchers into the Eastern Shore marshes of the Chesapeake Bay, where sea level is rising at three times the global average.


Our Scope

Columbian College is GW’s largest and most comprehensive academic unit. It's home to 42 academic departments, three affiliated schools, 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students, 28 research centers and over 500 full-time faculty—including Fulbright and Guggenheim scholars, award-winning artists, cutting-edge scientists and critically acclaimed authors.

Chartered Columbian College


4 blocks from the White House


Columbian College is GW's largest academic unit



Our People


Our History


Marc Albert

Marc Albert

BA '70, History

"GW is really the foundation of everything that I am, everything that I've accomplished, everything that I'm interested in. It was really the beginning of the wonderful life here in Washington. I've practiced law, first with the justice department and then in private practice I am involved in many, many non-profit foundations... My GW education never ended since I've left as a student."