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Grad2Grad: A Special Opportunity for GW Seniors
The program provides a 10% reduction in tuition to graduating seniors in order to promote continued study at GW.

Graduate Studies

85+ Graduate Programs, including 44 master's degrees, 23 doctoral degrees, and 15 graduate certificates$17.8 million in total research expenditures were awarded in fiscal year 2015, with faculty & students often collaborating
Welcome to Graduate Studies at GW’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. Our 82 advanced degrees and certificates are designed to enhance your personal and intellectual growth, while preparing you for the next steps in your academic or professional career.

Columbian Graduate Studies offer a transformative experience, connecting students with some of the most influential leaders and institutions in an array of disciplines while partnering with public and private organizations in the nation’s capital and around the globe.

Recent Graduate Studies News

GW Data Science students

Big Data, Big Opportunities

The rise of digital information has made data science a fast-growing career. In Columbian College’s Data Science Program, students are mastering tomorrow’s technology and stepping into today’s workplace.

Art Therapy Mandalas

Color Me Cautious: Don’t Mistake Adult Coloring Books for Art Therapy

Coloring books for adults may be a bestselling craze, but Donna Betts cautions the public to look between the lines and not mistake them for art therapy.

Graduate Alumni

Heather Higginbottom

Heather Higginbottom, MA ’99, became the first female deputy secretary of state for management and resources in December 2013. She previously served as counselor to Secretary of State John Kerry and deputy director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

Priya Dhanani

Priya Dhanani, MA ’14, conducts presentations in a variety of venues to illuminate the truths behind human sex trafficking. She is the director of prevention education for FAIR Girls, a D.C.-based nonprofit which works to eradicate child sex trafficking.

Jackie Biggs

Jackie Biggs, MA ’13, has been working as an art therapist for combat veterans returning from duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. At Fort Belvoir's Community Hospital, Biggs assists in the veterans' process of coping with traumatic events.

Larry Cook

Larry Cook, MFA ’12, created his project "All American" with the intention of delivering a powerful and jarring image that sends a deliberate message to viewers. He goes beyond social implications to confront race and identity.