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Xolela Mangcu Headshot

Shadows of Apartheid

June 12, 2019
Twenty-five years after apartheid, Xolela Mangcu is writing the first African-authored biography of Nelson Mandela—and urging young people to continue fighting injustice.
Mary Tschirhart sitting on a bench outside of Phillips Hall that says "George Washington University."

CCAS Dean Names New Trachtenberg School Director

June 12, 2019
Mary Tschirhart, an expert on nonprofit management and governance, will take over as the school’s newly-appointed director in August.
Archaeologists study the sediments at the Bokol Dora site.

Oldest Evidence of Stone Tool Production Discovered in Ethiopia

June 12, 2019
Anthropology’s David Braun joined an archaeological team in Ethiopia that discovered the oldest evidence of stone tool production, dating back more than 2.58 million years.
A ghost forest of trees stripped of their bark by salt and the sun, at the Chesapeake Bay.

Study Highlights Vulnerability of Rural Coast to Sea-Level Rise

June 12, 2019
A new study by Biology's Keryn Gedan highlights the threat that climate change poses to rural land, including the potential loss of farm acreage as water rises.