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Sociology alumna Priya Dhanani, MA ’14

Alumna Shines Light on Dark Truths of Human Trafficking

December 10, 2014
Each year, 100,000 young women in the U.S. are ensnared by the sex trafficking trade. Sociology alumna Priya Dhanani, MA ’14, teaches teens and adults to overcome myths about human trafficking.
Shannon McFarlin and doctoral student Kate McGrath

Gorilla Graveyard Yields Science Secrets

December 10, 2014
Anthropologist Shannon McFarlin and her students exhumed the massive bones of mountain gorillas from Dian Fossey’s Rwandan field site. Their goal: To unlock secrets of human evolution.
Nicole Marie Capp

Alumna's Philadelphia Sandwich Shop Serves Italian Classics with Modern Twists

November 13, 2014
The restaurant business is tough, but Nicole Marie Capp, BS '09, took on the challenge. She opened Matt and Marie's, a sandwich shop featuring Italian classics with a twist.
Impressive Additions Bolster National Councils’ Roster

Impressive Additions Bolster National Councils’ Roster

November 13, 2014
"Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd and distinguished political scientist Stephen Haber, BA ’79, lead an impressive roster of new dean’s advisory board members.
PhD student D. Gilson

Turning Shakespeare Inside-Out

November 13, 2014
How do you rescue Shakespeare's "Sonnets" from textbook obscurity? PhD student D. Gilson asked friends, writers and his professors to remix the poems in a multimedia free-for-all.

The Mollusk Mystery

November 13, 2014
The nautilus has outlasted the dinosaur. So why is this ancient sea creature on “the knife-edge” of extinction? Can Forensic Scientist Mehdi Moini discover what’s killing this living fossil?
Dean Ben Vinson with Chair of the Department of Theatre & Dance Dana Tai Soon Burgess

The Power of Creative Expression

November 13, 2014
In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Dana Tai Soon Burgess shares his vision of art-as-diplomacy and his thoughts on the future of the arts at Columbian College.
Lauren Epstein

Alumna on the Front Line of Ebola Fight

October 22, 2014
“Disease detective” Lauren Epstein, BS ’03, MD ’07, an infectious disease specialist with the CDC, is playing a central role in investigating Ebola in the U.S.
Harden McConnell

Distinguished Chemistry Alum Leaves Legacy of Leadership, Generosity

October 15, 2014
We note with regret the passing of Harden McConnell, BS ’47, a renowned chemistry professor at Stanford University and a beloved member of the GW family.
Biology major Reem Al Shabeeb

Growing Up in a War Zone

October 08, 2014
Biology major Reem Al Shabeeb spent her Iraqi childhood amid bomb blasts and gunfire. Today, as a research assistant in Mollie Manier’s class, she’s putting her dangerous past behind her.
Left: Crematogaster ampla, Right: Cephalotes specularis

Nature Collides with James Bond: Newly Discovered Ant Species Hides in Plain Sight

October 01, 2014
The unexpected and seemingly insignificant can lead to a great discovery. That’s how Assistant Professor of Biology Scott Powell found a new ant species.
Photo of book cover Inhuman nature

Inhuman Nature

September 23, 2014
Jeffery Jerome Cohen, professor of English, edited this collection of essays that explores the activity of the things, forces and relations that enable, sustain and operate indifferently to us.
2014 Alumni Weekend

GW Celebrates Alumni Weekend

September 22, 2014
Nearly 2,000 alumni returned to campus for a spirited Alumni Weekend. From reunion celebrations to academic gatherings to networking receptions, graduates were treated to a lively homecoming.
Picture of book cover Presenting at Work

Presenting at Work: A Guide to Public Speaking in Professional Contexts

September 17, 2014
Christine Clapp, lecturer of communication, created this how-to guide that provides potent and practical tools, methods, and insights to master any workplace presentation scenario.
Corcoran alumna Katie Schuler

Corcoran Alumna Exposes Natural Beauty of the Philippines

September 17, 2014
Globe-trotting conservation filmmaker and Corcoran alumna Katie Schuler took her camera into the jungles of the Philippines for an environmental storytelling project, part of a fellowship secured through GW.