Olympic gold medalists, U.S. ambassadors, award-winning journalists and military personnel...

Our alumni make a difference around the world.


Columbian College Alumni


Columbian College boasts over 88,000 alumni living in all 50 states and in more than 120 countries. Our alumni make a difference in their communities and the world beyond and give back to their alma mater through their time, talent and philanthropic support.

Their successes in the sciences, public policy, the arts, humanities and social sciences are a reflection of our success as a learning institution and value of a liberal arts degree.


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You Make a Difference

Jarva Weiss, a white woman with medium length silver hair, sits on a white Adirondack chair. There is a lake and a smattering of trees behind her. On the right is her husband, Daniel Weiss. He has short, dark hair with silver in it as well. The couple are holding hands.

Giving Back: For Alumna, Scholarships Spark Opportunities

A scholarship helped alumna Sandra Jarva Weiss, BA ’80, JD ’83, meet her husband and make only-at-GW memories. Now she’s helping students write their own stories.

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As members of the GW Alumni Association, regional and international alumni networks, affinity groups, industry networks, career services and student alumni programs, Columbian College graduates remain active and engaged members of the university community.





“I knew if I was going to choose this career and remain true to my cultural heritage, I’d have to find a way to be a bridge, I’d have to find a way to show young people that I wasn’t giving up on them—and provide them with a reason not to give up on themselves."

Isaiah Pickens
BA '05, Psychology