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Columbian College is the home of value-added education, emboldening our students to be effective citizen leaders who are ready to tackle the challenges of our 21st-century global society with the highest of ethical and moral compasses.

We seek to educate a new generation of innovators, humanitarians, artists and analysts who want to make a difference in the real world.


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Halea Kerr-Layton

Halea Kerr-Layton

BA '19, Spanish & Latin American Language, Literatures and Cultures

"My undergraduate experience at GW has been filled with impactful moments, individuals and experiences so it is hard to pinpoint just one. I feel very fortunate to have been able to meet so many amazing and uplifting individuals through my time in the direct GW community—and through the opportunities afforded to me by being a part of the GW community such as my two study abroad experiences."


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Renee Scott

Renee Scott

MA '19, American Studies

"While working in DCPS, my eyes were really opened to both the urgent need and general desire of people to better relate to one another across difference. I am hoping that my research in American Studies can ultimately give people some of the tools needed to understand one another."