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Conversation between Dean Ben Vinson and John Sides

The Art of the Election

March 08, 2017
How did the pundits their election predictions so wrong? In a conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Political Science's John Sides discusses Donald Trump's election and the impact of his rise to the presidency on political behavior.
2016 Cisneros Scholars

Vanguard, Cisneros Institute Partner to Diversify PR Workforce

March 08, 2017
Vanguard Communications and Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute are partnering for Comunicadores for the Future to promote diversity in PR.
The Geminga pulsar, 800 light years from earth

A ‘Tail’ of Two Pulsars

February 09, 2017
As pulsars rocket through space, some pulse only in radio waves, others in gamma rays and still others both. Using NASA images, researchers including Physics’ Noel Klingler are discovering why some stars shine with different lights.
Adrienne B. Hancock, associate professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science

Helping Transgender People Find Their Voice

February 09, 2017
At the GW Speech and Hearing Center, Adrienne Hancock and student clinicians guide transgender clients to a new voice that represents their true selves--and gives them a new outlook on life.
Assistant Professor of English Jung Yun

Novelist Jung Yun Finds ‘Shelter’ in Writing

January 12, 2017
English’s Jung Yun hit the bestseller list with her novel Shelter. It’s the latest step in her creative and cultural journey.
 Limusaurus inextricabilis

No Teeth? No Problem. Toothless Dinosaur Lost Baby Teeth as They Grew

January 12, 2017
A study co-authored by Biology’s James Clark found a new species of toothless adult dinosaurs that lost their baby teeth as they aged and never replaced them.
Zach Borichevsky as Alfredo in Verdi's La Traviata

A Night at the Opera: Alumnus Tenor Hits High Note

January 12, 2017

From arias to curtain calls, Zach Borichevsky, BA ’06, is a rising star in the opera world. But for the political science and music major, the road to international acclaim took more than just practice.

Associate Professor of Geography Michael Mann

Experiences, Temperatures Drive Belief in Climate Change

January 12, 2017
Local weather can determine whether Americans’ believe in climate change, according to Geography’s Michael Mann. People in regions with record lows are less likely to say the earth is warming.