Featured Headline

Danny Hayes
Women on the Campaign Trail

What’s blocking a woman’s road to the White House? Political Science’s Danny Hayes reveals that perception of gender bias is as bad as bias itself.

Research Conversations

Art Therapy: Healing Through Imagery with Heidi Bardot

Heidi Bardot explains how art therapy has shown promise in helping people cope with the repercussions of trauma.

Human Face of Immigration with Daniel Martínez

Daniel Martinez reveals the often tragic personal stories behind the politics of immigration reform.

Chimps Shine Light on Human Parenting with Carson Murray

Carson Murray discusses her observations of wild chimps and how they shed new light on behavior.

Power of Creative Expression with Dana Tai Soon Burgess

Dana Tai Soon Burgess shares his vision of art-as-diplomacy and thoughts on the arts at Columbian College.

East Meets West in Art with Mika Natif

Mika Natif reveals how elements and images from Renaissance Europe found their way into 17th century Islamic art.

On the Cutting Edge of Innovation with Akos Vertes

Akos Vertes discusses his research and his biggest challenge to date: combating biological and chemical threats.

Learning & Discovery

Sexual Communications Class
Let’s Talk About Sex!

In Katrina Pariera’s new course on Sexual Communications all topics are fair game, and what’s said in class stays in class.

Alumni Spotlight

Kate Birmingham
Digging Up D.C. History

Museum Studies alumna Kate Birmingham, a National Park Service archaeologist, uncovers Washington’s legacy of settlements and plantations.




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