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To contact specific offices within the Columbian College, please consult below:

Office of the Dean

Phillips Hall, Suite 212
Phone: 202-994-6130
Fax: 202-994-0854

Ben Vinson, Dean of Columbian College, 202-994-6130
Terry Murphy, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 202-994-1053
Eric Arnesen, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, 202-994-6722
Chris Sterling, Associate Dean for Academic Assessment and Support, 202-994-0363
Yongwu Rong, Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives, 202-994-9539
Hanna Hipp, Scheduling and Information Specialist, 202-994-1971
Maxine Cogar, Special Assistant to the Dean, 202-994-0814
Laura Boselovic, Executive Support Assistant, 202-994-3527
Mary McCullough, Executive Aide, 202-994-6130

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Office of Undergraduate Studies

Daniel Ullman, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, 202-994-6210
Diana Willis, Office Manager, 202-994-6210
Brad Gilligan, Executive Coordinator for Dean Ullman, 202-994-6210
CCAS Undergraduate Academic Advisors, 202-994-6210

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Office of Graduate Studies

Jeff Brand, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, 202-994-8397
Jamie Palumbo, Executive Assistant to Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, 202-994-8397
Brandon Boulter, Director of Graduate Enrollment, 202-994-8569
Melissa Busskohl, Dir. of Graduate Admissions & Student Services, 202-994-8571
Katherine Conaty, Assoc. Director, Grad Admissions/Fellowships, 202-994-8118
Rebecca Dunner, Program Manager, Graduate Student Services, 202-994-9632
Anna Neubauer, Senior Coordinator, 202-994-9664
Nicole Davidson, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator, 202-994-6958
Adrienne Douglass, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator, 202-994-2718
Kati Lebioda, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator, 202-994-4904
Liz Kepferle, Advanced Degree Program Coordinator, 202-994-8568
Charita Hammett, Advanced Graduate Admissions Evaluator, 202-994-7966
Linda Wilkerson, Executive Assistant, 202-994-6210

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Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Phillips Hall, Suite 212
Phone: 202-994-6063
Fax: 202-994-0854

Phillip Horne, Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-994-5432
Laura Fruge, Executive Director of Development, 202-994-9169
Kimberly Bowers, Senior Associate Director of Development, 202-994-3467
Jay Harder, Associate Director of Development, 202-994-9909
Kim Portis, Associate Director of Development, 202-994-1435
Briton Camphouse, Assistant Director of Development, 202-994-7132
Anita Pytlarz Ponchione, Senior Director, School Alumni Programs, 202-994-9866
Anika Stewart, Executive Coordinator, 202-994-7024
Emily Collins, Development Assistant, 202-994-6063
Jennie Eaton, Executive Associate, 202-994-5650

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Office of Communications and Marketing

Denise St. Ours, Exec. Director of Marketing and Communications, 202-994-1981
John DiConsiglio, Writer/Editor, 202-994-3748
Melissa Mapes, Marketing and Communications Manager, 202-994-4782
April D. Rongero, Digital & Creative Communications Assistant, 202-994-7482

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Office of Finance

Susan Sampsell, Director of Finance, 202-994-1112
Taoran Sun, Director, Financial Management & Global Initiatives, 202-994-4638
Emprisia Lee, Fiscal Operations Manager, 202-994-3194
Michele Tyner, Accounting Analyst, 202-994-2060
Gary Reynolds, School Grants Management Coordinator, 202-994-6449
Marilyn Villanueva, School Grants Management Coordinator, 202-994-3052
Donna Lewis, Senior Human Resources Client Partner, 202-994-6679
Jelena Berberovic, Financial Operations Coordinator, 202-994-3926
Roy Myaing, Financial Operations Coordinator, 202-994-5096

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Office of Technology Services (OTS)

For all technology planning, implementation, and support:

Phone: 202-994-8096

For a list of full-time OTS staff, please visit the OTS website.

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