Recent Faculty Books

Democracy's Double-Edged Sword

Catie Snow Bailard, assistant professor of media and public affairs, argues that the Internet directly influences the ability of individuals to evaluate government performance, affects public satisfaction with the quality of available democratic practices and helps motivate political activity.

The Art of City Sketching: A Field Manual

Michael Abrams, adjunct professor of interior architecture and design, guides readers through the laborious and sometimes complex process of sketching the built environment. Through this exercise, readers can develop their conceptual drawing skills and better draw what they imagine.

Orgies of Feeling: Melodrama and the Politics of Freedom

Elisabeth Anker, assistant professor of American studies and political science, argues that American politics is often influenced by melodrama narratives from cinema and literature. This book focuses on the role of melodrama in the news media and presidential speeches after 9/11.

Making Law and Courts Research Relevant

Brandon Bartels, associate professor of political science, argues that research can be more directly relevant to broader audiences outside of academia. A significant part of this issue, he states, goes back to a seeming disconnect between empirical and normative scholars of law and courts that has increased in recent years.

Inhuman Nature

Jeffery Jerome Cohen, professor of English, edited this collection of essays that explores the activity of the things, forces, and relations that enable, sustain and operate indifferently to us. This collection maps the ecologies within which we are enmeshed, a material world that makes the human possible but also offers difficulties and resistance.



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Our departments are actively engaged in cutting-edge research initiatives, partnering with prestigious institutes and foundations. Through the constant development of theories, the gathering and interpretation of data and the formulation of new techniques of inquiry, our research helps find solutions to real-world concerns.

New Research Grants

Research Grants Pave Way for Discoveries

From scientific investigations on the origins of diabetes and the consequences of melting Arctic ice, to historical perspectives on the Ottoman Empire and D.C.’s African-American cultural legacy, to research projects in Java and Uganda, it’s been a banner year for major new research grants at Columbian College. Read more.

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