Summer is the time to explore and get ahead

Summer Session 2015—whether on campus, online or abroad—is bursting with dozens of arts and sciences offerings, designed to broaden the mind and enhance your skills. You can simultaneously fill credit requirements and have an adventure in a new country. You can take in-demand courses that fill up quickly during the regular academic year, or get a leg up on prerequisites by enrolling in a math, writing or science class.

Summer Session is open to GW undergraduate and graduate students, as well as students who are not enrolled at GW.


Koobi Fora Field School in Africa

So you want to be an archeologist? Leave your Indiana Jones fantasies at home. At the Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya, students get their hands dirty. They dig wells, battle 120 degree heat, dodge scorpions and uncover fossils. Read more.

Designing for the Future: Museum Summer Institute

What does it take to build a museum exhibit? A lot more effort than you might imagine. A summer institute in exhibition design brought together graduate-level students and professionals to work as a team on the new GW Museum. Read more.

Where in the World Did the Columbian College Go?

Whether it’s learning about art in Europe’s epicenter of culture or analyzing international business with experts in Shanghai, the Columbian College often extends its lessons beyond the classroom—and past borders. This summer was no exception, and adventure enthusiasts packed their textbooks and embarked on scholarly expeditions to all corners of the world.