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Shannon McFarlin and doctoral student Kate McGrath, left, with the bones of gorillas exhumed in Rwanda.

Gorilla Graveyard Yields Science Secrets

By excavating and examining the bones of Rwandan mountain gorillas, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Shannon McFarlin and her students are uncovering clues that could save these apes from extinction, while contributing insights into human evolution. Read more.

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Sociology alumna Priya Dhanani, MA ’14

Alumna Shines Light on Dark Truths of Human Trafficking

December 10, 2014

Each year, 100,000 young women in the U.S. are ensnared by the sex trafficking trade. Sociology alumna Priya Dhanani, MA ’14, teaches teens and adults to overcome myths about human trafficking—and challenges them to take a hard look at their own biases.

On the Cutting Edge of Innovation

December 10, 2014

In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Akos Vertes discusses his pioneering research on everything from cancer treatments to autism, and his most ambitious challenge to date: developing a way to combat biological and chemical threats.

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