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Biology major Reem Al Shabeeb

Growing Up in a War Zone

Biology major Reem Al Shabeeb spent her Iraqi childhood in the midst of bomb blasts and gunfire. Today, as a student research assistant in Mollie Manier’s biological sciences class, she’s working toward becoming a brain surgeon—and putting her dangerous past behind her. Read more.

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National Geographic to Collaborate with Planet Forward for ‘Campus Voices’ on Food Blog

October 09, 2014

Students from GW's Planet Forward Campus Consortium, a digital storytelling collaborative housed within theSchool of Media and Public Affairs, now have the opportunity to have their writing and videos published on National Geographic’s blog, "The Plate."

The Digital Media Revolution: Global Political Impact

October 08, 2014

Digital media has transformed the way we communicate and share information. And now it's profoundly altering the global political spectrum. In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Catie Bailard explores how new media can spur ordinary citizens to reevaluate and even change their governments.

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