Who We Are

      85+ Graduate Programs including 44 Master's degrees, 23 Doctoral degrees, and 15 Graduate Certificates   494 full-time faculty; 8,000 students
As the oldest and largest academic unit, the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual and creative backbone of the George Washington University—a place where the arts, the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences come together to form a nexus of ideas and opportunity.

We excel in the arenas of political science, math, history, and languages and offer graduate and professional programs ranging from art therapy and museum studies to forensic sciences and media and public affairs. We are engaged with the nation’s capital through our internships and professional ties, and through our connections to the world beyond with our research and teaching. And we are a place where experimentation is anchored in practice, and theory is continually tested by examples drawn from the real world.