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As we look toward Columbian College’s Bicentennial in 2021, we celebrate the pride, passion and achievements of all who have shared the vision of George Washington in creating and sustaining an extraordinary institution of higher learning. Columbian College could not be where it is today—and could not envision where it will be in its third century—without the support of donors committed to pursuing the frontiers of knowledge and opportunity as exemplified by the engaged liberal arts. From annual donations to endowed gifts, we continue to look to philanthropic investment in scholarship, innovation and creativity to sustain our upward trajectory of excellence.

Endowed Professorships

Endowed faculty positions provide academic honor and annual support for salaries in perpetuity, and may offer the holder a highly-prized source of discretionary research funds. They also enable Columbian College to attract and retain the best scholars and increase the number of full-time faculty dedicated to research and excellence in teaching. The need is crucial because these positions contribute to increasing our academic reputation while providing students with more opportunities to develop collaborative partnerships with the very best academic scholars.

Scholarships and Fellowships

As the largest academic unit within GW—and the one with the widest array of disciplines—Columbian College is the place where donors can have the greatest impact. The high cost of student debt serves as a barrier to accomplishment and can impact one’s choice of graduate education and career paths. As prospective students increasingly rely on tens of thousands of dollars in loans to pay for their education, the college looks to philanthropic support to ease student debt burdens, increase the diversity of the student population and free current financial aid resources for other needs.

Faculty Research

Almost every research project begins as an idea or an approach, often one not thought of before. These innovative or creative sparks require early and ample resources, such as the ability to hire graduate or undergraduate assistants and fund special equipment, travel stipends and laboratory time. Pilot funding seeds preliminary results that may attract larger grants to help create valuable new knowledge; thereby, accelerating the pace of research and discovery. Additional resources also make possible a greater level of student involvement on research teams, providing critical, hands-on training to the next generation of investigators.

Strategic Opportunities

The ever-evolving landscape of academia demands the flexibility to support creative projects, visiting professorships, lecture series, artist-in-residence programs, innovative lab tools, academic symposia, capstone courses and more. Having the resources and the flexibility to seize on options strengthens our institutional stature and an enhanced academic and research experience.

For more information on these opportunities and way you can make a difference, please contact the Columbian College Development Office at 202-994-7132.

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