STEM Laboratory Summer Internship Program


An undergraduate honors student works with physics professor Gerald Feldman


The Columbian College STEM Laboratory Summer Internship Program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students in science and mathematics to spend a summer working closely with a faculty member on their research.

Applicants for this competitive internship program must be rising juniors and seniors who demonstrate interest in conducting laboratory research in STEM. Up to five students will be chosen each summer.

Each student receives a $2,000 award. Faculty members receive a $500 stipend.


How to Apply

Student and faculty pairs apply for the program together and submit a 2–3-page joint application, which includes:

  1. Statement by the faculty member of the research project, detailing the student’s specific contributions
  2. Statement by the student of their interest in the faculty member’s research project and how participation in the project will contribute to their academic and/or professional goals
  3. Short statement by department chair of how the faculty member’s research project advances the research objectives of the department and how undergraduate student research contributes to the department’s curricular mission

Applications should be emailed to Rachel Riedner, associate dean of undergraduate studies, at [email protected].


Program Details


Benefits for Students

  • Gain professional experience working one-on-one with faculty members on their scientific research projects.
  • Learn firsthand how research is conducted, receive research mentoring and learn about the culture of scientific research.
  • Prepare for graduate school or future careers in STEM lab fields.



  • Depending on availability of in-person labs, research may be expected to occur virtually.
  • In mid-August, faculty and students must submit a progress report to the undergraduate dean that summarizes the student’s contributions.
  • Faculty and students must propose and present at the GW Research Showcase during the spring semester.
  • Faculty and students may be asked to discuss their research at additional CCAS or university events.


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