Short Term Study Abroad

Study Abroad Financial Assistance

The Columbian College of Arts and Sciences has designated some limited scholarships to support students who are enrolled in the Short Term Study Abroad Program for each academic year. The scholarship is need-based only. For those students who have been accepted to any of the Short Term Study Abroad classes below, you will receive a link to apply.

The College will work with financial aid to determine each student applicant’s eligibility. Any questions can be directed to [email protected]


Upcoming Study Abroad Courses

River in France




Bayeux: The Price of Freedom: Normandy 1944 (HIST 3044W)


This course will explore the Normandy Campaign in the context of the Second World War, from the planning to the capture of Paris. It will trace the course of the campaign from Pegasus Bridge to the Cotentin Peninsula and on to Operation Cobra, and the race to Paris, visiting many sites, including Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery there. This class will have two lectures, a discussion session, and a film study session each week. The Price of Freedom: Normandy 1944 is a WiD course and satisfies the CCAS GPAC requirements for Global Perspective, Oral Communication, and Critical Thinking





Prague: GW University Singers (MUS 1091)

University Singers in Prague will combine the work of the ensemble preparing for a GW campus performance that will be linked to the Short-Term Abroad experience of performing repertoire that is linked to Prague's significance to concert music in Central Europe. The students will perform in Prague in a shared concert with a local university.

River near City of Prague




Traditional German City Center




Germany in the Global Business Context: Focus on Clean Tech and Sustainability


Students will benefit from the expertise combined in the course within the fields of German Cultural Studies and International Business, which will provide diverse ways of addressing the topic of sustainability. The class will travel to Germany between March 15 and 22, 2020, and the focal point of the trip will be Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany.





Greece: Sports and Society in Ancient Greece (HIST 3111)

Through in-class and study abroad experiences, the participants in the course examine the relationship between the Greek admiration for the human body, their development of track and field and competitions, the idea of "agon" (struggle) as a window for us to understand their world.


Mountains and Ruins of Delphi Greece





Eiffel Tower at Night