Scholars in Quantitative & Natural Sciences

Biology Lab

The Scholars in Quantitative and Natural Sciences (SQNS) program is designed to involve undergraduate students in research projects beginning in their freshman year with GW science faculty and to provide an interdisciplinary view of the sciences. Program courses introduce freshmen to the research opportunities at GW and some of the technical skills needed to participate in research. During the first year, SQNS students take four introductory courses together including courses in biology, computer science, physics and visits to research labs.

With this preparation, students are in an excellent position to join a research group in one of the GW science departments and to participate in our summer research internship program. The SQNS program is compatible with the pre-medical curriculum and majors in the any of the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, computer science). Research can be done for academic credit and honors in the major. Students in the program also complete a minor (or second major) in another science, math, statistics or computer science. During the program students have opportunities to attend professional conferences and to contribute to scholarly publications.

Students who graduate with an interdisciplinary education and research experience will have a competitive advantage in applying for jobs, medical school admission, or graduate school fellowships.

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