Research Conversations


Associate Professor of Economics Joann Weiner with Dean Ben Vinson

Economics in the Real World

Economics' Joann Weiner shares her thoughts on tax policy, global markets, the ride-share economy and inspiring her students to think like economists in an insightful conversation with Columbian College Dean Ben Vinson.
Dean's Conversation with Attiya Ahmad

The Impact of Islam in the Contemporary World

In a conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Anthropology's Attiya Ahmad discussed the socio-cultural interrelationship between gender, Islam and cross-border tourism.
Dean's Conversation with Professor Stephen Mitrov

The Nature of Visual Cognition

Why do some individuals outperform others? Psychology's Stephen Mitroff sits down with CCAS Dean Ben Vinson to discuss how visual memory, perception and attention can be applied to real-world situations.
Conversation between Dean Ben Vinson and John Sides

The Art of the Election

How did the pundits their election predictions so wrong? In a conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Political Science's John Sides discusses Donald Trump's election and the impact of his rise to the presidency on political behavior.
Dean Ben Vinson III and Assistant Professor Heidi Bardot

Art Therapy: Healing Through Imagery

In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Heidi Bardot explains how art therapy has shown promise in helping individuals cope with the repercussions of crises.
Ben Vinson and Carson Murray

Family Ties: Chimps in the Wild Shine Light on Human Parenting Practices

In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Carson Murray discusses her observations of chimps in the jungles of Tanzania -- and how they are shedding new light on maternal moods, gender roles and even human parenting practices.
Dean Ben Vinson and Daniel E. Martínez

The Human Face of Immigration

In a video conversation with Columbian College Dean Ben Vinson, Assistant Professor of Sociology Daniel E. Martínez reveals the often tragic personal stories behind the politics of immigration reform.
Dean Ben Vinson with Professor Akos Vertes

On the Cutting Edge of Innovation

In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Akos Vertes discusses his pioneering research and his most ambitious challenge to date: developing a way to combat biological and chemical threats.
Dean Ben Vinson with Chair of the Department of Theatre & Dance Dana Tai Soon Burgess

The Power of Creative Expression

In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Dana Tai Soon Burgess shares his vision of art-as-diplomacy and his thoughts on the future of the arts at Columbian College.
Dean Ben Vinson and Assistant Professor of Media and Public Affairs Catie Bailard

The Digital Media Revolution: Global Political Impact

In a video conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Catie Bailard explores how digital media is not only transforming the way we communicate, but also profoundly altering the global political spectrum.