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New Study Suggests Healthcare Provider Biases Can Impact a Patient’s Access to Preventative HIV Drug

November 09, 2021

A new study published today reveals systematic biases among primary and HIV care providers about people who inject drugs and how those biases may impact access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), a preventive, prescription-based medication that significantly reduces the risk of HIV infection through sexual behavior and injection practices. The study was led by Sarah Calabrese, an assistant professor of clinical psychology at GW.

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George Washington University Experts Available for Media Interviews on Social Media and the Spread of Harmful Content

October 07, 2021
Facebook and other social media companies have faced increasing scrutiny on Capitol Hill after a former Facebook employee described how the company helps facilitate the spread of harmful content. GW's Columbian College has experts that can discuss recent research findings on how harmful content spreads on social media and what can be done to stop the spread or regulate the industry.
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Zoning Policies That Boost Affordable Housing: Good for the Heart?

September 08, 2021
Inclusionary zoning policies that increase the supply of affordable housing may be good for the heart. So says a first-of-a-kind study published today by sociology researchers at the George Washington University. The study notes that such zoning programs were associated with lower rates of heart disease.

New International Study Shows Fact Checks Significantly Reduce Belief in Misinformation

September 06, 2021
Fact-checking reduces belief in misinformation and leaves a more enduring mental imprint than false claims, according to a new study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study, conducted with help from SMPA professor Ethan Porter, shows fact-checking is an effective tool to combat misinformation across countries, cultures, and political environments.
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The George Washington University Partners with Student Defense, Columbia University to Launch Higher Education Research Initiative

August 03, 2021

The George Washington University, along with Student Defense and Columbia University, launched the Postsecondary Equity & Economics Research (PEER) Project. PEER will unite university economists and academics with higher education lawyers to identify and support research efforts aimed at promoting equity and accountability in higher education.

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Iowa School Districts with Strong Teachers Unions More Likely to Adopt Mask Mandates

August 02, 2021

Professor of Political Science Adam Dean led a study that found that school districts in Iowa were more likely to adopt COVID-19 mask mandates if they had a strong teachers union. Published in the journal Health Affairs, the new study suggests teachers unions may play a crucial role in ensuring that COVID-19 recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are implemented at the local level.

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GW Politics Poll Finds Varying Confidence in State and Local Elections

July 26, 2021
The George Washington University Politics Poll found that Democratic voters continue to have more faith in state and local elections than Republicans. The poll, which is a joint venture of GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs, Department of Political Science and the Graduate School of Political Management, was conducted in June with almost 1,800 registered voters.
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GW Politics Poll Finds Varying Confidence in State and Local Elections

July 26, 2021

Democratic voters continue to have more faith in state and local elections than Republicans, according to new data from the George Washington University Politics Poll. However, confidence in state and local election officials appears to vary depending on voters’ location and party affiliation.

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Researchers Shed Light on the Evolution of Extremist Groups

May 19, 2021

Neil Johnson, professor of physics, alongside a team of GW researchers compared the growth of the Boogaloos, a U.S.-based extremist group, to online support for ISIS, a militant, terrorist organization based in the Middle East. Their findings, published in the journal Scientific Reports, suggest the need for specific policies aimed at limiting the growth of such extremist movements.

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New Director of the Project for Media and National Security Announced

May 12, 2021

Columbian College's School of Media and Public Affairs announced that Thom Shanker, a longtime Pentagon correspondent and editor for The New York Times, has been selected as the next director of the Project for Media and National Security (PMNS). The PMNS works to deepen public understanding of national security by convening conversations between policymakers and journalists, as well as with researchers and students, focusing on military, cyber and other national security issues.


The Cerebellum’s Role in Brain Evolution

May 06, 2021

Elaine Guevara, a former postdoctoral scientist in Columbian College's Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology, led a study on how the cerebellum underwent evolutionary changes that may have contributed to human culture, language and tool use. Published in the journal PLOS Genetics, the epigenetic differences identified in the study are relevant for understanding how the human brain functions and its ability to adapt and make new connections.


Brood X Cicadas and their Impact on the Ecosystem!

May 04, 2021

John Lill, chair of the Department of Biological Sciences and Zoe Getman-Pickering, a postdoctoral scientist at GW, are studying the impact of the cicadas on the ecosystem and environment.

Arthur S Flemming Awards

Arthur S. Flemming Awards Honor Outstanding Federal Employees

April 15, 2021
Twelve exceptional public servants representing a diverse array of federal agencies have been recognized with Arthur S. Flemming Awards for performing outstanding service in the fields of applied science and engineering, basic science, leadership and management, legal achievement, and social science. The awards are presented by the Arthur S. Flemming Commission, in partnership with Columbian College’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration and the National Academy of Public Administration.
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Vaccine Hesitancy Poses Threat to Efforts to End Pandemic: New Commentary

March 25, 2021

David A. Broniatowski, associate director of GW's Institute for Data, Democracy & Politics, co-authored an editorial about how vaccine hesitancy could pose a major threat to public health efforts to end the pandemic. The editorial is published in the journal Science.

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George Washington University Helps Digitize Popular COVID-19 Memorial

March 21, 2021

With help from anthropology professor Sarah Wagner, a team from GW, UMD and Artist Suzanne Firstenberg created a digital exhibition that now gives others the chance to visit the “IN AMERICA How Could This Happen…” art exhibition virtually.