Nick-of-Time Impact Microgrants

Beginning in 2016, CCAS will launch a three-year trial initiative—the Nick-of-Time Impact Microgrants—to help stimulate research and scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and the sciences. Each micro-award (up to $1,000 maximum) will be offered on a rotating basis throughout the academic year (September through April). Submissions will be reviewed monthly by the CCAS Research Committee, and awards will be granted on a competitive basis. All full-time faculty who are actively engaged in research are encouraged to apply. Support will be given to a variety of endeavors, including (but not limited to) subvention expenses, research assistance/support, editorial work on grants, books, etc., upcoming research related travel (to be completed by June 1st of the current academic year), and research materials. The program will not help underwrite conferences or workshops that faculty are organizing, nor will it support course-buyouts and conference travel. A faculty member is limited to receiving only one micro-grant per year. Funds for the program are limited and when an annual allocation is exhausted, the CCAS faculty will be promptly notified.
Faculty interested in receiving funds should submit a 1-2 page proposal with the following content:
  1. Faculty Name, Department, and Academic Rank
  2. Rationale for the Request. Please be specific. Demonstrate how the financial support will impact your research and scholarship, and what the possible outcomes might be. Please note that the clarity of the rationale is considered when the requests are evaluated. Bear in mind that the reviewers will likely not have extensive knowledge of the field of inquiry being described. Using language appropriate for the educated lay reader is critical to the success of a proposal, regardless of the discipline or the technical nature of the research. As necessary (depending on the nature of what is being requested), applicants should include:
    1. Objectives/Specific Aims/Contribution
    2. Background/Significance/ Work Plan/Goals
    3. Results/Outcomes/ Final Product/Dissemination
  3. Budget. Please outline each specific cost-item.
Review Criteria and Procedures:
Each nomination package will be evaluated based on the quality of the Rationale and Budget, with a specific eye towards ensuring that the requested funds will help move forward the faculty member’s research agenda.
Review Committee: 
The review committee will be the CCAS Research Advisory Committee, which consists of 3 tenured faculty from each division (cannot be current proposers, if a current CCAS RAC member is a proposer, a faculty from that division will be selected as a replacement by the Associate Dean for Research in consultation with the Dean).
Please send all applications
Announcements will be made in a timely fashion every month (from October
through April)