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During World War II, Jews in France like Denise Bauman were required to carry identity cards. (Photos Courtesy Ashley Valanzola)

Commemorating History’s Dark Chapter

History PhD student Ashley Valanzola is researching the stories of six extraordinary Jewish women—Holocaust survivors who worked to honor the memory of lives lost.


The mudskipper fish (left) and tiger salamander have been used as models to study the movements of prehistoric tetrapods.

Fins and Limbs Tell Evolutionary Tale

How did our earliest ancestors take their first small steps from water to land? Biology’s Sandy Kawano follows the trail of “walking fish” on their giant leaps for humankind.
A coffee cup and a notepad with the text "New Year's Resolutions" written on it

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be Self-Acceptance

Kavita Daiya, director of Columbian College’s Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, urges people to reframe negative messages about eating and weight loss.


Alexander Dent teaches his Dean’s Seminar on The Anthropology of the Cell Phone with (from left) first-year students Kalil Greenberg and Jin Haugland. (Photo: Long Nguyen)

Our Cell Phones, Ourselves

In Alexander Dent’s Dean’s Seminar on The Anthropology of the Cell Phone, first-year students take a deep dive into their personal cellular connections and examine how smartphones have changed their world.


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