International Visiting Scholars Program

International Visiting Scholars Program

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Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Our International Visiting Scholars Prorgram is aimed to provide a unique opportunity for select scholars around the world to purse scholarly and intellectual development in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at the George Washington University.

Visiting Scholars can conduct teaching and research in CCAS under short-term, semester long, and year-long appointments

Scholars will have access to resources such as the Gelman Library, the Brookings Institution, the Library of Congress, and much more. Our university's prime location in Washington D.C. provides scholars with rich opportunities to engage all the government agencies, institutions, foreign embassies, and intellectual communitt located in the U.S. Nation's capital. 

Scholars who are interested should already be in contact with their faculty member sponsor to confirm research interests and deisre to host the international scholar. Acadmic Departments in the Columbian College can be found here

Any questions can be sent to the CCAS Global Initatives Team at [email protected]