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a jogger on the sidewalk of the Arlington Memorial Bridge

Baking, Gardening, Memes and More: Students Share Their Self-Care Tips

April 10, 2020
From exercise to poetry to sleeping in, CCAS students shared their secrets to managing stress and bringing joy to their daily routines while practicing social distancing.
a microphone on a stand

Media Taps CCAS Faculty on COVID-19

April 10, 2020
Columbian College economists, psychologists, political scientists and policy analysts are being tapped by media outlets for their expertise on how COVID-19 is impacting our daily lives.
Sarah Hine (Photo: Long Nguyen)

Untangling the Trauma-Speech Connection

April 10, 2020
How does trauma link to speech and language disorders? Sarah Hine and a team of graduate researchers are using their experiences with vulnerable populations to guide speech pathology protocols.
Laboratory scientist Sathya Prakash Harihar, MFS ’19, takes a break during his 16-hour shift examining COVID test samples

Making a Difference: Alumni Lend Helping Hands

April 10, 2020
During the coronavirus pandemic, alumni are coming to the aid of their communities—in their hometowns, across the country and around the world.
Paul Wahlbeck, Interim Dean, Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

A Message From the Dean

April 10, 2020
In a message to the CCAS community, Dean Paul Wahlbeck recognizes the efforts of alumni, faculty, staff, students and parents during these challenging times.
A Dean’s Seminar called The Austen Phenomenon explores how the 19th century author has transcended the academic world and become

Inside the Jane Austen Phenomenon

March 12, 2020
How did a 19th century author who wrote just six novels become a pop icon? In her Dean’s Seminar, Tara Wallace's first-year students enter the world of Jane Austen-mania.
Suffragettes at the U.S. Capitol, 1914 (Photo Courtesy Library of Congress)

A Century of Suffrage

March 12, 2020
As the 19th Amendment celebrates its 100th anniversary, political science’s Corrine McConnaughy examines the legacy of the women’s voting rights revolution.
Philanthropist and U.S. Congressman Gil Cisneros, BA ’94, speaking at a recent event celebrating the GW Cisneros scholars.

For Alumnus Cisneros, A Mission to Make a Difference

March 12, 2020

Philanthropist and U.S. Congressman Gil Cisneros, BA ’94, was a first-generation college student. Now he’s helping young people write their own education success stories.

Bouchet Society nominees, from left, Dana Burton, Eden A. Dejene, Cheriko (Riko) Boone, Drishti Pillai and Diana Ainembabazi.

CCAS Recognizes Newest Bouchet Society Inductees

March 12, 2020
Five CCAS PhD students have been nominated for induction in the Edward Alexander Bouchet Society, which honors diversity and excellence in doctoral education.
In Muscat, GW students challenged local teenagers to a soccer game.

On Trip to Oman, Students Mix Business and Culture

February 13, 2020
A study abroad program tied to Mohssen Esseesy’s Arabic business and language course allowed students to travel to Oman for a lesson in economics, linguistics and cultural connections.
Professional matchmaker Michelle Jacoby, BA ’87

Matchmaker, Matchmaker: An Alumna’s Labor of Love

February 13, 2020
As a professional matchmaker, psychology major Michelle Jacoby, BA ’87, uses her people skills to help D.C singles look for love in all the right places.
The mudskipper fish (left) and tiger salamander have been used as models to study the movements of prehistoric tetrapods.

Fins and Limbs Tell Evolutionary Tale

January 16, 2020
How did our earliest ancestors take their first small steps from water to land? Biology’s Sandy Kawano follows the trail of “walking fish” on their giant leaps for humankind.
A coffee cup and a notepad with the text "New Year's Resolutions" written on it

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be Self-Acceptance

January 16, 2020
Kavita Daiya, director of Columbian College’s Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, urges people to reframe negative messages about eating and weight loss.
During World War II, Jews in France like Denise Bauman were required to carry identity cards. (Photos Courtesy Ashley Valanzola)

Commemorating History’s Dark Chapter

January 16, 2020
History PhD student Ashley Valanzola is researching the stories of six extraordinary Jewish women—Holocaust survivors who worked to honor the memory of lives lost.