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GW debaters (from left) Shawky Darwish, Itiel Wainer and Sean O’Neil at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia.

Students Debaters Lend Voice to International Peace Project

December 09, 2019
In collaboration with the Peace Studies Program, GW debaters traveled to Colombia, where they teamed up with students from a Bogotá university on an intercultural exchange.
Alumnus Michael Schmidt (center) with students from the LGBTQIA Resource Center

LGBTQ+ Planned Gift Memorializes Fond Memories

December 09, 2019
Alumnus Michael Schmidt found a home at GW and met his future partner. His $1 million gift to support the LGBTQ+ campus community honors the legacy of his GW experience.
The staff and faculty of the GW Regulatory Studies Center. Susan Dudley (center) is the founding director.

Regulatory Studies Center Celebrates 10 Years

December 09, 2019
For a decade, the GW Regulatory Studies Center has provided expert insights for policy leaders and newsmakers while spearheading research and fostering student opportunities.