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Alexander Dent sits at a table, lecturing students in his Dean's Seminar.

Our Cell Phones, Ourselves

October 10, 2019
In Alexander Dent’s Dean’s Seminar on The Anthropology of the Cell Phone, first-year students take a deep dive into their personal cellular connections and examine how smartphones have changed their world.
The Robert C. Seamans, a 134-foot Brigantine ship on the South Pacific Ocean.

Environmental Studies Student Sets Sail

October 10, 2019
Undergraduate Frank Wenninger embarked on a 12-week expedition to remote Pacific Islands as part of a study abroad program that combines oceanography with seamanship.
Graphic of a magnifying glass, graph, files, and web search bar with the words "Research, Search, Analysis, and Data"

Meet the NSF Student Research Fellows

October 10, 2019
From biologists following fish to political scientists tracking dark money, seven CCAS PhD students were named 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows.