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Erika Di Palma, MFS ’07, is a forensic identification specialist with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

For Alumna, Forensics Meets Fashion

April 12, 2017
When real-life CSI sleuth Erika Di Palma, MFS ’07, isn't tracking criminals in Los Angeles, she spends her off-hours designing a breakout new fashion line: Clothes and apparel personalized with unique fingerprints.
Dean's Conversation with Professor Stephen Mitrov

The Nature of Visual Cognition

April 12, 2017
Why do some individuals outperform others? Psychology's Stephen Mitroff sits down with Dean Ben Vinson to discuss how visual memory, perception and attention can be applied to real-world situations.
Senior math major Isabelle Berger is a board member for the GW Association for Women in Mathematics

Making Women + Math = Opportunities

April 12, 2017
Despite advances in STEM fields, a gender gap still persists in mathematics. CCAS students and faculty are searching for formulas to solve the women and math equation.