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scanned fingerprint

Fingerprint Analysis: Fact v. Fiction

June 08, 2016
Are no two sets of fingerprints exactly the same? Can fingerprints be erased? In Forensic Sciences’ classrooms, students uncover the myths of fingerprints—and prepare for a high-demand job market.
University of Macau students with professor

International Teaching Exchange Bridges Borders

June 08, 2016
From Portuguese slang in D.C. to Emily Dickinson in Asia, a teacher exchange between GW and the University of Macau is the latest step in a global partnership.
Graduates pose during a Columbian College Celebration Ceremony

#CCASOnward: Class of 2016 Celebrates ‘Onward’ Journey

June 08, 2016
The Class of 2016 received a celebratory sendoff as CCAS Dean Ben Vinson urged graduates to continue pressing “onward,” embracing both the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead.