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Christopher Rollston

Leading Near East Epigrapher Spearheads Ancient Near East Studies

July 09, 2014
When archaeologists puzzle over an ancient inscription and experts are stumped by an artifact’s engravings, there’s one name they call: Christopher Rollston, a leading Near East epigrapher, biblical scholar and master of a dozen "dead" languages. Now Rollston is returning to his roots on the GW campus—and raising the Classic Department’s star power.
Woman looking through microscope

Research Grants Pave Way for Columbian College Discoveries

July 09, 2014
From scientific investigations on the origins of diabetes and the consequences of melting Arctic ice, to historical perspectives on the Ottoman Empire and D.C.'s African-American cultural legacy, to research projects in Java and Uganda, it's been a banner year for major new research grants at Columbian College.
Making History: The Campaign for GW logo

Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign Spotlights Columbian College Aspirations

July 09, 2014
As GW kicks off its $1 billion philanthropic campaign, Columbian College is leading the charge in enhancing academics, supporting students and breaking ground on bold new initiatives. Among the college's funding priorities are endowed professorships, faculty research, financial aid, the Science and Engineering Hall and support for strategic opportunities.
Larry Cook Photography

Alum's Photos Confront Race, Identity

July 07, 2014
Through jarring images of gang members and Klansmen, photographer Larry Cook, MFA ’12, delivers powerful messages about race—while challenging audiences to look deeper and think harder.