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Machu Picchu

Using Ancient DNA, Researchers Unravel the Mystery of Machu Picchu

September 30, 2015
Dramatically perched on an Andes mountain ridge some 8,000 feet above sea level in Peru, Machu Picchu is a visual wonder and a technical masterpiece. “It is breathtaking,” said Brenda Bradley, an associate professor of anthropology at the Columbian College.
Rabbi Max Ticktin

GW to Bolster Israel Studies

September 22, 2015
A grant from The Morningstar Foundation, the family foundation of Susie and Michael Gelman, will help develop an Israel Studies component of Columbian College's Judaic Studies Program. The grant will establish and endow the Max Ticktin Professorship of Israel Studies in recognition of Rabbi Ticktin’s contributions to GW.
Open Tree of Life

Researchers Publish First Draft of Tree of Life That Will Map All Known Species

September 21, 2015
A first draft of the “tree of life” for the roughly 2.3 million named species of animals, plants, fungi and microbes has been released. The tree is a collaborative effort among 11 institutions, including researchers from the Computational Biology Institute.
Human Paleobiology’s Mark Grabowski

For Human Ancestors, Bigger Wasn’t Better

September 09, 2015
Scientists have long believed that a body mass growth spurt kick started human development. But Human Paleobiology’s Mark Grabowski rocked the evolutionary studies world by revealing that, when it comes to the origins of our species, size didn’t really matter.
Professors Gate

Welcome, New Faculty!

September 09, 2015
From Art Therapy to Physics, Columbian College welcomed 12 new full-time faculty members this year, bringing the total to 494—and strengthening disciplines across the sciences, social sciences and humanities.
Dean Ben Vinson

Dean Ben Vinson: The Path Ahead

September 09, 2015
Dean Ben Vinson recently reflected on his vision for an "engaged liberal arts" and the overall educational enterprise. As the college marks the two-year anniversary of his deanship and the beginning of another academic year, he shared his thoughts on where we’ve been—and where we are going.