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September 01, 2012
It’s no secret that Columbian College faculty are prolific scholars, writing, on average, 50 books per year, but the college also boasts a number of alumni authors. Among those penning books this year are graduates of history, philosophy, geology, and political science. From a personal memoir to historical essays and a cookbook, these works reflect the wide variety of interests and expertise of our graduates.

The Neighborhood: A Link to Teen Obesity?

September 01, 2012
When it comes to adolescent obesity, Assistant Professor of Sociology Antwan Jones thinks neighborhoods may be one of many factors in its root cause. Armed with a two-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Jones is studying characteristics of neighborhoods, such as proximity to fast food restaurants and open spaces, to determine if they elevate the risk of obesity.
Williams and Thacher

Early Toolmakers: The Secrets Behind Rock Banging

August 01, 2012
Why were some early humans able to shape stone tools while others were not? Erin Marie Williams, a post-doctoral scientist in hominid paleobiology, is banging rocks together to find out.
Prime Movers Media

Prime Movers Media Gains Traction

August 01, 2012
Prime Movers Media, the nation’s first journalism mentorship program to focus on urban schools, is exceeding expectations thanks to power partnerships with top multi-media organizations.
Cell Phones

Cell Phone Demography: Analyzing Use across Ethnic Groups

August 01, 2012
Professor of Anthropology Joel Kuipers’ fascination with cell phones extends well beyond texting and the “Words with Friends” smart phone app. Mindful of the estimated 6 billion cell phone subscribers worldwide, Kuipers is interested in how different ethnic groups—specifically, immigrant communities—use mobile phones.

Alumnus Embraces His Dreams through Writing

July 01, 2012
Riding the waves off Melbourne Beach, Fla., alumnus Thad Ziolkowski, BA ’83, dreamed of becoming a professional surfer. Then his family moved to landlocked Kansas. Ziolkowski traded the surfboard for a pen, spent his free time corresponding with his best friend back in Florida, and realized he was destined to be a writer. He was 16.

Grad Student Exposes Vulnerabilities of Social Media

July 01, 2012
As social media expands in popularity, so, too, has the volume of personal information living on the Internet. Forensic sciences master candidate Regina Elwell researched the vulnerabilities of Facebook and other social networking websites. The result was the report “Social Engineering Attack Vectors Using Social Media.”
Dean's Seminars

First-Year Students Dig Deep in Dean’s Seminars

July 01, 2012
This fall semester CCAS is offering 19 Dean’s Seminars, designed to engage students in small classroom settings while developing their critical thinking skills. The seminars push students to dig deep into topics and class discussions, drawing from readings, research, and field trips.
Sex Scandals

Washington Sex Scandals: Examining Culture, Controversy, and Citizenship

June 01, 2012
This spring, first-year students enrolled in Professor Chad Heap’s Dean’s Seminar “Washington Sex Scandals” were immersed in their own heated debate about how sex scandals reflect and shape changing social, political, and cultural norms and how media coverage and agenda setting affects the public’s interest in each scandal.

Chemistry Alumna and New GW Trustee Madeleine Jacobs on Service, Philanthropy, and Career

June 01, 2012
Madeleine Jacobs, BS ’68, HON ’03, executive director and CEO of the American Chemical Society, was on campus recently as a member of Columbian College’s National Council of Arts and Sciences and as a panelist in the Women in Philanthropy Forum. We caught up with her to learn about what drives her philanthropic work, why she’s excited by her recent appointment to GW’s Board of Trustees, and how her degree in chemistry launched her remarkable career.

Pioneer of DNA Testing to Chair Forensic Sciences

June 01, 2012
Victor Weedn, who oversaw the development of the first portable DNA testing device, which became the basis for the U.S. Postal Service’s anthrax detection equipment, will join Columbian College July 1 as the new chair of the Department of Forensic Sciences.

Students Collaborate with EPA on Urban Sustainability Solutions

June 01, 2012
As part of their capstone project, graduate students in Professor Henry Teng’s Environmental Resource Policy Program took on a new role: consultants to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop strategies for addressing the health risks associated with contamination of the soil, water, and air in urban areas.

Number of Full-time Faculty on the Rise

May 01, 2012
Columbian College will have increased the number of tenured and tenure-track faculty from 317 in 2009 to 358 by fall 2012—figures that are pushing the total number of regular full-time regular faculty to 450, compared to 411 in 2009. Much of this growth is attributable to an ambitious five-year plan to hire a significant number of full-time faculty members to ensure a robust and diverse learning experience.
Wheelchair Diaries

Wheelchair Diaries: A Student's Quest for Accessibility

May 01, 2012
For Reid Davenport—who has cerebral palsy and often relies on a wheelchair to get around campus to avoid fatigue—the dream of studying in Italy during his junior year was “abruptly shattered” when he learned that the streets and sites of Florence, Rome, and much of Europe were not wheelchair accessible. Despite the discouraging news, Davenport resolved to confront the challenge head on with a video camera and a new purpose.

A Senior Moment: Graduates Reflect on Their Time at GW

May 01, 2012
With the Columbian College Celebration and GW Commencement around the corner, emotions are running high this time of year as seniors say goodbye to friends and faculty and look ahead with excitement—and a bit of trepidation. We asked members of the Columbian College Class of 2012 to reflect on their favorite moments, professors, and experiences during their four years in Foggy Bottom.