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Samuel Goldman, associate professor of political science and director of the John L. Loeb, Jr. Institute for Religious Freedom

Learning to Live with Nationalism?

October 13, 2021
In his new book, Political Science’s Samuel Goldman argues America works best not when we deny our nationalistic divide—but when we accept it.
Energy scientist Maggie Teliska, PhD ’04, (left) with her faculty mentor Professor of Chemistry David Ramaker, (right) who passe

Alumna Makes Chemistry Connections

October 13, 2021
Inspired by her faculty mentors, Maggie Teliska, PhD ’04, forged a career in sustainable energy. Now she’s helping other chemistry students make their mark in STEM industries.
A road in the Irkutsk region of Russia is built on thawing permafrost with logs used to stabilize frozen ground.

Arctic Researchers Partner with Indigenous Communities

October 13, 2021
Geography’s Vera Kuklina is leading a $3 million NSF-funded exploration of how the changing climate is altering the lives of Arctic indigenous communities.
Ethan Porter

Fact Checks Curtail Misinformation Beliefs

September 08, 2021
A comparative, cross-country study led by SMPA’s Ethan Porter is among the first to examine how fact-checking can be an effective tool in combatting false claims.
Antwan Jones and Gregory Squires

Good for the Heart: Study Links Housing, Heart Health

September 08, 2021
A new study by Sociology’s Antwan Jones and Gregory Squires ties inclusionary zoning policies to higher affordable housing availability and lower rates of heart disease.
Ana María del Río-González

HIV-Prevention Project Targets Latina Transgender Women

September 08, 2021
Funded by a $1 million CDC grant, Psychology’s Ana María del Río-González is launching a first-of-its-kind study that uses peer coaching to support the needs of an understudied community.
Stack of newspapers on a keyboard

Breaking News: As Newspapers Fold, Will Civics Follow?

September 08, 2021
With newspapers disappearing, Americans are less engaged with local governments. In his new book, Political Science’s Danny Hayes argues the trends are linked—and dangerous to democracy.
Kristen Grimm and Vivian Salama Headshots

SMPA Welcomes Two New Terker Distinguished Fellows

September 08, 2021
Communications pioneer Kristen Grimm and Wall Street Journal reporter Vivian Salama are this year’s Terker Distinguished Fellows. Funded by Bruce and Cindy Terker, the program brings political communication and public affairs professionals to SMPA each academic year.
Zeita Merchant

Coast Guard Alumni Serve Ships and Shores

August 11, 2021
As Coast Guard officers, TSPPPA alumni like Captain Zeita Merchant, MPA ’10, are trailblazers, lifesavers and among the nation’s leading military minds.
Portrait of Ashwini Tambe

For Tambe, a Wider World of Women’s Studies

August 11, 2021
As the new director of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program, Ashwini Tambe focuses her scholarship across borders, disciplines and lives.
Students in classroom

New Degrees Match Marketplace Demand

August 11, 2021
From deciphering big data to exploring the complexities of the human brain, new Columbian College undergraduate degrees seek to prepare students for in-demand expertise in burgeoning professions.
Katarina AuBuchon and Samoni Nag

Meet the Columbian Distinguished Fellows

July 14, 2021
Across disciplines and research fields, these Columbian College PhD fellows are leading scholarly studies and making real-world impacts.
Chemistry Lab Group looking over a microscope

Grants Support Research Breakthroughs

July 14, 2021
Whether promoting HIV prevention or charting ecosystem changes from the Arctic to Africa, major research grants help CCAS scholars open doors to discoveries.
Andolyn Medina

Psychology Student Reigns as Miss D.C.

July 14, 2021
Clinical psychology doctoral candidate Andolyn Medina, MA ’17, MA ’20, excels in her studies and on pageant stages. Now the newly-crowned Miss D.C. is competing for the Miss America title.
Journalist Claritza Jiménez

Alumna Pictures Digital Diversity

June 09, 2021
Video journalist Claritza Jiménez, BA ’05, often struggled to find diverse online images. Her newest venture is trying to solve that problem—in front of the camera and behind it.