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Two Milne-Edwards's sifaka lemurs, sporting the classic black and white pigmentation pattern

Hair-Raiser: Primate Fur Teases Human Evolution

May 11, 2022
Anthropology researchers combed through fur patterns in wild lemurs to cut into evolutionary mysteries of human hair growth.
Amin Arvin Attari

Alumnus Journey Spotlights Refugee Plight

May 11, 2022
Amin Arvin Attari, BS ’21, escaped Iran for a new life in the U.S. Now an NIH scientist, he sees his story in refugees fleeing conflicts worldwide.
An elderly woman patting the gloved hand of a doctor

Unionized Nursing Homes Have Lower COVID Rates

May 11, 2022
Nursing homes were at the epicenter of the pandemic, but research by Political Science’s Adam Dean shows residents and workers fared best in unionized facilities.
Class of 2022 graduates (from left) Jay Jones, Nia Lartey and Jessica Lewer.

CCAS Students Share GW Memories

May 11, 2022
From internships and cultural celebrations to personal milestones and life goals, CCAS undergraduate and graduate students recalled their fondest memories as they prepared to receive their 2022 degrees.
Blue and yellow brush strokes in the image of a Ukraine flag

For CCAS Community, Ukraine Connections Loom Large

April 13, 2022
As Ukraine remains under siege, Columbian College faculty, students and alumni have anxiously awaited news from loved ones while spearheading humanitarian aid efforts.
Courtney Sexton smiling with her large black and white hound on her lap

Jurassic Bark: Do Dogs Hold Hints to Early Language?

April 13, 2022
Anthropology PhD candidate Courtney Sexton is studying our four-legged friends to determine if puppy dog eyes and raised brows reflect a “ruff” draft of human communication.
A group of students sitting in an auditorium smiling and laughing

TSPPPA Ranks among the Best in Country

April 13, 2022
Columbian College’s Trachtenberg School increased its overall standing among public affairs schools in the U.S. News & World Report ranking of the nation’s top graduate programs.
Karen Gedan and Paul Wahlbeck sit and talk on stage in front of a Columbian College of Arts and Sciences logo

The Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Ecosystems

April 06, 2022
In a conversation with Columbian College Dean Paul Wahlbeck, Assistant Professor of Biology Keryn Gedan discusses the ways global changes in the climate have impacted sea levels, nutrient availability and marine species in the tidal wetlands of the Chesapeake Bay.
Chemistry PhD candidate Dustin Abele standing with his 3MT award outside a GW building

Three-Minute Dash: Students Sprint in Thesis Contest

March 09, 2022
PhD students presented their research in a high-speed challenge during the CCAS Three Minute Thesis Competition. Chemistry’s Dustin Abele won first prize for his green battery proposal.
A man's mouth demonstrating two different lipreading shapes

Hearing By Seeing: Lipreading Bridges Conversation Gap

March 09, 2022
CCAS Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences researchers are helping people with hearing loss through an innovative new approach to lipreading.
Graduate student and artist Wes Holloway. (Photo: Mark McCray)

Body of Work: Student Artist Deconstructs Stereotypes

March 09, 2022
After being partially paralyzed in an accident, Wes Holloway focused his work on body images that challenge society’s expectations.
Professor Alexander Van Der Horst and Deal Paul Wahlbeck sit on stage talking in front of a Columbian College logo

Exploring Cosmic Extremes

March 02, 2022
In a conversation with CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck, Physics Professor Alexander van der Horst discusses his work extracting data from space-based and ground-based telescopes around the globe.
Gabriel Grauvogel headshot

Fantastic Voyage: Physics Student Peers into Protons

February 09, 2022
Junior Gabriel Grauvogel is taking his CCAS Luther Rice Fellowship research to a subatomic level, joining an international effort to unravel the puzzling proton.
Sara Matthiesen headshot

Will Roe Ruling Challenge Parenting Choice?

February 09, 2022
In her latest book, History and WGSS professor Sara Matthiesen examines how Roe v. Wade impacted the decision to raise a family—and whether the Supreme Court is poised to make that choice harder than ever.
Chris Cahill headshot

Chemistry’s Cahill Elected AAAS Fellow

February 09, 2022
The CCAS Chemistry Department chair was honored among a distinguished class of scientists, engineers and innovators from around the world.