The Engaged Liberal Arts

Classroom discussion among students

The Columbian College strives to be singularly responsive to the needs of our times through a broad-based education steeped in rigorous scholarship and practical application. Through what we call The Engaged Liberal Arts, the college both embraces and transcends the classic disciplines associated with the arts and sciences. By introducing a range of interdisciplinary programs, the engaged liberal arts exposes students to the living laboratory of theories and ideas.

The Engaged Liberal Arts seamlessly brings the classroom and learning into the realm of practice. We teach students not only how to think critically, but how to solve problems in the world around us. Our distinct yet interconnected programs foster an education that is holistic--rigorous yet grounded; forward-thinking and visionary yet tested in the way we live our lives.

There is no better place for The Engaged Liberal Arts than Washington, D.C., the epicenter of power and policy, a city that literally drives the global dialogue. Drawing on this enviable location, we encourage our students to follow their passion, to take the learning imparted in the classroom and apply it in the halls of government, the galleries of the Smithsonian, the laboratories of the National Institutes of Health, the libraries of Congress and Folger Shakespeare and into the distant locations of South Africa, Israel, India and China.

At the Columbian College, the quest for knowledge knows no boundaries as it opens minds, encourages excellence, inspires imagination and acts as a catalyst for providing critical answers to challenges facing our global society. We are a place of continual motion, a nexus of ideas and opportunity rooted in research, learning and real-world training. With anticipation and excitement, we proudly move into our third century eager to adapt to the changing needs of our time.