CCAS Enhanced Faculty Travel Awards

Program Description

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the CCAS Enhanced Travel Awards program, which we launched in Spring 2014. This program is intended to facilitate increased faculty participation in conferences and research activities, especially those that might involve extensive travel. The dean’s office will be making 30 new CCAS Enhanced Travel Awards available annually, in the amount of $2000 each.

Regular active status faculty of any rank may apply.. Faculty holding a Dean’s Chair may not also hold a Faculty Travel Award. If an award is used for research, the year after an award is bestowed, faculty are encouraged to offer a sophomore colloquium or dean’s seminar that will incorporate some of the topics and material directly related to the faculty member’s research. In some cases, supplemental funding may be made available for faculty members to bring an undergraduate with them for a portion of their research trip/conference. Faculty desiring to do this must make a note in their application, discussing how the student might assist in any research efforts, or learn from the conference/research experience.

Call for Proposals for the 2016-2017 CCAS Enhanced Faculty Travel Awards DUE: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 (extended to April 1, 2017).

Step 1. Submit your letter of intent at CCAS Internal Proposal Letter of Intent. Same deadline.
Step 2. Send application materials in one PDF file, with the following three items, to

  1. Faculty Name, Department, and Academic Rank
  2. Name and Date of Conference to be Attended OR Place and Time Where Research Activities will be carried out
  3. Description of proposed project to be presented at a conference OR Description of research project that involves extensive travel (no longer than 1 page). Include how this conference presentation or research activity relates to the faculty’s advancement in scholarship and research.

It will be helpful if you name your pdf file in the form Travel_FY17_PILastName.pdf.

Review Criteria and Procedures:

Each nomination package will be evaluated based on the quality of the project description.

Review Process:

The applications will be reviewed by the CCAS Research Advisory Committee, which consists of three tenured faculty from each division (cannot be current proposers; if a current CCAS Research Advisory Committee member is a proposer, a faculty from that division will be selected as a replacement by the Associate Dean for Research in consultation with the Dean). Committee will review nomination packages and make recommendations to the Dean.

Notification of Decisions:

Dean will notify the funding decisions to all application teams by May 2017. The funds are available for travel planned from July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2018.