CCAS Dean’s Research Chair Award

Program Description

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the CCAS Dean's Research Chairs program, which we launched in Spring 2014. This program is intended to stimulate and encourage research productivity, particularly for faculty who are engaged in a project nearing completion, or who are undertaking a new research endeavor. The dean’s office has made available 10 new CCAS Dean's Research Chairs each year for three years, starting 2014-2015. Those awards are made competitive for regular active status faculty in the Arts and Sciences. Faculty who hold a Dean’s Chair will be provided a one course per year release for three years. With department approval, the allotted course releases may be combined in such a way as to provide a full semester’s leave during the three-year duration of the chairship.

Each CCAS Dean’s Research Chair will be provided with an enhanced annual research and travel stipend of $2,000, which is intended to top off any existing research and travel accounts. The enhanced annual research and travel stipend may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next fiscal year but must be expended within the three year funding period. Regular active status faculty members of any rank are eligible. Faculty, however, may not hold a CCAS Dean’s Chair for consecutive terms. 

Granting of a CCAS Dean’s Research Chair will not interrupt a faculty member’s sabbatical clock and course relief may be combined with normal sabbatical leave. A committee will review all applications and make recommendations to the Dean for final approval. Faculty who receive a Dean’s Research Chair will NOT be eligible to apply for a CCAS Enhanced Faculty Travel Award during the period of their “Chairship.” Additionally, faculty holding a chairship are required to deliver a sophomore colloquium based upon their research area either during the three-year award cycle, or in the year immediately thereafter. In some special cases, research funds may be made available for undergraduates to assist and accompany faculty in off-site research. These requests will be handled on an annual basis by the Dean for Undergraduate Studies during the three-year chairship cycle. Requests for undergraduate support/funding must be made by the end of August during each year of the chairship for the upcoming year. For example, if a chair is granted for 2016-17, undergraduate support for that year must be received by request to the Undergraduate Dean by August of 2016.

Call for Proposals for the 2017-2020 CCAS Dean’s Research Chairs DUE: Thursday, December 15, 2016

Step 1. Submit your letter of intent at CCAS Internal Proposal Letter of Intent. Same deadline.

Step 2. Send nomination materials in one PDF file, with the following three items, to

  1. Project Description, including a description of proposed project (see below), and a summary of how the granted course releases will be distributed over the 3 year period. Up to three pages. 
  2. Biosketch of the PI. Up to 3 pages
  3. A letter of support from the chair of the department which also assures that the nominating department will cover the 3 course releases (in order of desirability):
    1. Department will re-arrange class schedules so that course does not need to be taught in the release semester
    2. Other departmental faculty will take course overloads
    3. The nominating department will pay for an adjunct
    4. CCAS will pay for the adjunct

It will be helpful if you name your pdf file in the form DRC_FY17_PILastName.pdf.

Project Description (3 page maximum):

Awards will be based on the merits and design of the project. The clarity of the written proposal will be important; proposers should address each item below, bearing in mind that the reviewers will likely not have extensive knowledge of the field of inquiry being described. Using language appropriate for the educated lay reader is critical to the success of a proposal, regardless of the discipline or the technical nature of the research. Proposals will address: 

1. Objectives/Specific Aims/Contribution
2. Background/Significance/ Work Plan/Goals
3. Research Plan/Methods/ Competencies/Access
4. Results/Outcomes/ Final Product/Dissemination
5. Plan and likelihood for using these findings to obtain external funding and/or How the final product will impact the field & bring external recognition to the PI & university.

Review Criteria and Procedures:

Each nomination package will be evaluated based on the Quality of the Project Description, with the following components

1. Objectives/Specific Aims/Contribution (15%)
2. Background/Significance/ Work Plan/Goals (15%)
3. Research Plan/Methods/ Competencies/Access (15%)
4. Results/Outcomes/ Final Product/Dissemination (25%)
5. Likelihood for external funding *and/or *impact & external recognition (30%)

Review Process:

The applications will be reviewed by a review committee convened by the Research Dean, with consultation from the CCAS Research Advisory Committee. The Review Committee will review the application packages and then make recommendation to the Dean.

Notification of Decisions:

Dean will notify the funding decisions on all applications by May 2017.