Areas of Study

Immersion in real-world experience

Situated in Washington’s intersection of power and media, we attract top faculty and students who seek to study decision-making as it happens. Our proximity to government and close ties to people within it enable us to conduct policy-relevant research to a degree matched by few other institutions. And our graduate programs in public policy and public administration are ranked among the best in the country.

Social Science
Studying people and their interactions

Faculty and students in our social sciences study the origins of humans, how we have evolved, the way we interact and live and how we are moving forward. The knowledge we create through such disciplines as anthropology, political science, economics, psychology and speech and hearing science shed light on human evolution over millennia and on how to improve the lives of individuals who will live to see the 22nd century.

Seeking answers to the big questions

How can we meet the energy needs of a planet of seven billion people? The answers to this and other vital questions will come from disciplines ranging from math to physics to hominid paleobiology. With the advent of our new Science and Engineering Hall, we will have one of the greatest concentrations of discoverers and innovators under one roof in the nation. The building will house the most advanced laboratories and tools and, equally important, put students and faculty in a setting designed to foster innovative, interdisciplinary cooperation.

Understanding our world and interpreting it

Policy and the sciences determine what we do; the arts and humanities determine who we are. Research by our scholars reaches around the globe in areas such as languages, comparisons of cultures and art that ranges from masterpieces of the past to media of the future. Partnering with the Smithsonian Institution, the Phillips Collection, Arena Stage and many others, we offer opportunities to understand and interpret the human world.