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Alumni Benefits & Services

Being a GW graduate benefits you!

The George Washington Alumni Association, of which all Columbian College alumni are automatic members, offers all GW alumni a wide array of benefits, from special access to campus facilities to GW email for life to campus discounts and special offers from affiliate partners.

Below is a sampling of a few of our benefits & services. Visit the GW Alumni website to discover more benefits and services available to you as a GW graduate.

Continuing Education/Lifelong Learning

Graduation doesn’t mean the end of learning. You can continue to feed that passion for learning through formal academic programs or informal learning programs at GW through the Course Audit Program, GW Webinars and Library E-Resources.

Transcripts & Diplomas

The Office of the Registrar maintains all academic records and issues official transcripts. It also provides certification of enrollment documents (for loan deferments, Social Security benefits, health insurance or other services) and verification of degrees earned at GW.

Special Offers & Discounts

The GW Alumni Association offers alumni special offers and discounts hotel discounts, gym memberships and auto, home and renters insurance.

Featured Benefit

GW Alumni Travel Program

Experience it. Learning is a lifelong adventure and the GW Alumni Travel Program makes it a global event too. As a GW graduate, you have access to this world-class program that specializes in cultural immersion and educational experiences. Your diploma is your passport to a lifetime of discovery.