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An excerpt from a leaf of the newly discovered manuscript of “Fath al-bari” at the Suleymaniye Library in Istanbul.
Ancient Manuscripts Unearthed

History’s Joel Blecher discovered two previously unknown drafts of important works on Islamic thought and practices dating back to the early 15th century.

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Discover Columbian

Watch our video to learn how Columbian College prepares students to be engaged members of the global environment through what we call the engaged liberal arts.

Learning & Discovery

CCAS GWU chemistry classroom
A Year of Research Highlights

From tracking fossil footprints to preparing the next generation of STEM teachers, it’s been a banner year for research grants at Columbian College.

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Faculty Spotlight

Dean Ben Vinson sat down with Assistant Professor of Anthropology Attiya Ahmad to discuss her research
Islam in the Contemporary World

In a conversation with Dean Ben Vinson, Anthropology's Attiya Ahmad discussed the interrelationship between gender, Islam and cross-border tourism.

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