Prominent Alumni

Eric Cantor, BA '85

Eric Cantor, BA '85, represents Virginia's 7th Congressional District. He has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2001 and was elected as the House Majority Leader for the 112th and 113th Congresses.

Alumnae Trio Design Success

A day in the busy Brooklyn-based event design shop Tinsel & Twine is anything but typical, says Communications Director Erica Taylor, BA ’06, and Production Director Liz Castelli, BS ’05. Read more.

Mark Warner, BA '77

Mark Warner, BA '77, was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 2008. He served as Governor of Virginia from 2002-2006 after spending 20 years as a business leader. Warner serves on the Senate's Banking, Budget, Commerce and Rules Committees.

Jacqueline Onassis, BA '51

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, BA '51, received worldwide attention as First Lady alongside President John F. Kennedy. While in the White House, she focused on historic preservation and promoting the arts. Later, she enjoyed a successful career in publishing.

Dr. Ralph A. Alpher, BA '43

Ralph Asher Alpher, BA '43, helped publish the Big Bang theory after studying physics at the Columbian Collegefor both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. He worked closely with famed GW professor George Gamow.

Kerry Washington, BA '98

Kerry Washington, BA '98, has starred in films such as The Last King of Scotland, Ray, and the Fantastic Four series. She was GW's commencement speaker in 2013, and is an ardent political activist and member of the Creative Coalition.

More Alumni Success Stories

See a list of additional prominent alumni, like CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash, BA '93, or read the George Washington University alumni blog for up-to-date news on recent accomplishments. 

Undergraduate Studies

"There is no other university that combines location, work, play and education so seamlessly." - Carly Abenstein, '16 Political Communication, The GW Hatchet

Welcome to GW’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, where outside-the-box and interdisciplinary learning is cherished, and where academic rigor and achievement go hand-in-hand with a spirit of exploration and adventure. 

Studying in one of the 50 majors offered by the College provides more than a great education. It also offers transformative experiences and connections to some of the most influential institutions in the world. Whether seeking a degree from the world’s first political communication program or pursuing a passion for theoretical physics, the Columbian College has the resources for success.

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GW students are the “Most Politically Active” in the nation.

Within 6 months of graduation, 92% of GW's Class of 2013 found full-time employment, entered grad school, or engaged in military or philanthropic service, among other activities.

Over 1,100 graduates have served in the Peace Corps. GW is also a top source for Teach for America.

12 GW alumni serve in the U.S. Congress, including Mark Warner, BA ‘77, and Eric Cantor, BA ‘85.

GW Arts & Sciences offers Dean's Seminars, Presidential Scholars in the Arts and research partnerships.