Faculty Fellowships, Grants, & Awards

Columbian College's distinguished faculty advance their research and scholarship with the aid of fellowship awards from lauded organizations including Sigma Xi, Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, the Wolcott Foundation, Public Service Academy, Arthur Flemming, National League of Cities, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Fulbright, and Gensler Grinkmann, among many others.

Gayle Wald receives the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation's Fellowship to Assist Research and Artistic Creation

Dr. Wald is the English Department Chair and teaches African American literature and U.S. popular music culture.

Her project, “It’s Been Beautiful”SOUL! and Black Power Television, traces the history and impact of the groundbreaking public TV show (1968–1973). An extraordinarily rich archive of African American cultural production of the period, SOUL! sheds light on the power of popular performance as pedagogy and as pleasure. Read More

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