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We are located in Phillips Hall, Suite 107 (801 22nd Street, NW), directly across the street from the Gelman Library.

See Graduate Studies Directory for individual responsibilities.

Tara Wallace Associate Dean for Graduate Studies 202-994-8397
Jamie Palumbo Executive Assistant to Dean Wallace 202-994-8397
Brandon Boulter Director, Graduate Enrollment 202-994-8569
Melissa Busskohl Director, Graduate Admissions and Student Services 202-994-8571
Katherine Conaty Associate Director, Graduate Admissions and Fellowships 202-994-8118
Rebecca Dunner Program Manager, Graduate Student Services 202-9949632
Nicole Davidson Advanced Degree Program Coordinator 202-994-6958
Adrienne Douglass Advanced Degree Program Coordinator 202-994-2718
Kati Lebioda Advanced Degree Program Coordinator 202-994-4904
Charita Hammett Advanced Graduate Admissions Evaluator 202-994-8568
Linda Wilkerson Executive Assistant 202-994-6210